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New! Herbal tinctures MOUNTAIN GREEN GRASS

23 Feb 2022

Herbal tinctures

We have great news for you! Among our products, we have included products from the domestic Slovak manufacturer of herbal tinctures MOUNTAIN GREEN GRASS.

100% natural herbal tinctures made from certified herbs and varieties containing no harmful substances. The manufacturer MOUNTAIN-GREEN-GRASS is a small family business engaged in the production of herbal tinctures. Hand picking and maceration in min. 95% alcohol guarantees the best extract from the herbs. They are 100% natural and no chemicals are used in their production.


These all-natural tinctures will help you with a wide range of health problems and diseases. You can find the divisions according to use in the eshop and you can easily order tinctures for a specific problem that bothers you. Some of the most common problems that tinctures can help with are:

MOUNTAIN GREEN GRASS is a family business located in the lap of nature in the village of Lipovce. Their rich experience in the preparation of tinctures from natural herbs and high-quality raw materials required for production ensure the highest quality products made in Slovakia.


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