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Black Friday - CBD drops and herbal tinctures

29 Nov 2022

BLACK FRIDAY 2022 - CBD OIL - CBD drops - Herbal tinctures

Save as much money as possible on BLACK FRIDAY. If you have a wish list that you want to buy, there is no better time.
Discounts up to - 50% on everything.
Free shipping.
We start on 25.11., the promotion is valid ONLY until 27.11. ! Don't miss it!
Bonus: free shipping on all orders.


CBD oil Black Friday

Why buy CBD oils from
Premium BROAD SPEKTRUM CBD oil has beneficial effects on the human body with an emphasis on the cannabinoid system of each of us. It contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and therefore has long been one of the most popular products on the market worldwide.

CBD drops

This is one of the purest forms you can get as a consumer. Contains a wide range of extracted cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant (including CBC-cannabichromene, CBG-cannabigerol, CBDV-cannabidivarin, BCP-ß-caryophyllene)


What it is used for:

  • It alleviates anxiety and depression, has anxiolytic effects
  • Relieves pain and migraines
  • It helps in the regeneration of the body after sports
  • It improves sleep and increases regenerative capacity, has relaxing effects after stressful or physical exercise
  • It supports the immune system, which is closely linked to the cannabinoid system in the human body
  • It can help reduce seizures in epileptics


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