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CBD and cancer

02 Feb 2022 0 Comments

CBD Cancer

The effects of CBD in the fight against cancer

Cancer is one of the most devastating diagnoses and brings great suffering and uncertainty to the patient and his loved ones. Tens of thousands of patients receive news of this diagnosis every year . Cancer accounts for every sixth death in the world, making it the second deadliest disease. Scientists are tirelessly trying to find ways to put an end to cancer. Current invasive therapeutic procedures put a significant burden on the body, and the fight against cancer is difficult and enormously exhausting for the patient.

Can CBD help a cancer patient?

Current scientific knowledge is not enough to tell you with certainty (and a clear conscience): we have a miracle tincture for you that will cure you and relieve you of all difficulties.

Nevertheless, there are also promising indications in the professional community that cannabinoids have potential in fighting cancer cells . It is clear that the use of CBD can bring patients relief from pain, cramps, but also from depressive states associated with the treatment and management of this serious disease. A group of British scientists attributes to cannabidiol, in addition to known anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative (proliferation is the growth or spread of cancer cells) effect.

It should also be said that researchers are going in two directions on the effectiveness of CBD in the context of cancer. Rather, one group focuses on the relief that CBD can provide from the side effects of demanding chemotherapy treatments. Other scientists are directly investigating whether CBD can directly slow down or even stop the growth of cancer cells.

CBD Cancer experience

A promising case from Britain

The case of an 80-year-old patient from Great Britain who suffered from lung cancer (the second most common type of cancer in the United Kingdom) illustrates that it is worth investigating the effects of CBD in the field of cancer treatment. At the same time, she was treated for other diseases - milder chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. In addition, she was also a heavy smoker.

The diagnostic finding on the lungs was 41 millimeters in size, while the doctors did not expect it to increase in size. The senior refused conventional treatment in the form of surgical removal, chemotherapy or radiation. The doctors included her in a monitoring program with continuous monitoring with CT scans. She decided to treat herself with an alternative treatment - cannabidiol - shortly after her diagnosis surfaced. During that time (from June 2018 to February 2021) , the tumor on her lung shrank from the mentioned 41 to 10 millimeters. In her own words, the woman did not experience any side effects associated with CBD oil except for a reduced appetite.

*It should be taken into account that this is a report on one specific case. The authors of the report pointed out that it is not clear which components of the CBD oil could have affected the patient. They also pointed out that although there appears to be a link between tumor regression and CBD oil use, they cannot definitively confirm that the regression occurred as a result of CBD oil use. They agreed that further detailed research is needed in this area.

In the case of serious diseases, such as cancer, do not under any circumstances change the treatment yourself or interfere with your therapeutic plan established by your attending physician. If you use or plan to use CBD oil during treatment, consult your doctor about its suitability as well as the correct dose. Never stop the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Drug interactions with CBD are discussed in this article .

Does CBD help with cancer? What we know so far

As we have already said, research into the effectiveness of CBD in cancer is still relatively young. This is also why CBD cannot be considered an adequate replacement for conventional cancer treatments.

In recent years, there have been several studies or scientific reviews that dealt with the effect of cannabinoids on cancer cells. Some of them confirm the assumption that CBD can inhibit the growth of these harmful cells, or even eliminate them. Other scientific conclusions indicate a strengthening effect of CBD on drugs used to treat cancer.

The influence of CBD and other cannabinoids on the growth of tumor cells in breast cancer was studied by Italian scientists in 2006, in 2010 by a team around Sean McAllister , and in 2014 by a team of scientists from California. A year later, a research team from Ohio State University published a study that offered even more concrete conclusions. Based on research, scientists have concluded that CBD limits the growth and spread of cancer cells, as well as the metastasis of breast cancer. The authors of the mentioned study recommended the use of CBD in the treatment of breast cancer in an advanced stage, especially in cases in which conventional treatment did not work.

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common malignant tumors in children. The effects of CBD use in this type of cancer were investigated by researchers in a 2016 study . They concluded that cannabidiol is effective in the fight against neuroblastoma , and since CBD is non-psychoactive, its use is not accompanied by significant side effects.

Back in 2013, a study titled Cannabidiol as a potential anti-cancer drug was published . The author team investigated the effects of CBD in the context of the treatment of several types of cancer (leukemia, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc.). Based on research, scientists concluded that CBD prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells in several types of cancer.

More recent is research from 2019 that looked at the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of pancreatic cancer . The authors concluded that cannabinoids can reduce the spread and growth of tumors, but also kill cancer cells, which confirms the conclusions of the earlier mentioned studies. The dosage was set at 100mg CBD/1kg of weight/day. Similar conclusions were reached by the authors of a 2014 study investigating the effectiveness of CBD in the context of colon cancer.

Is CBD safe to use?

There are no health risks associated with the use of cannabidiol, nor the development of addiction. Since CBD is not - unlike the well-known THC - a psychoactive component of cannabis, there is no danger of any euphoric states. This is also confirmed by the final report of the World Health Organization (WHO), in which the expert commission on drug addiction deals with the assessment of cannabidiol.

If your doctor has prescribed medication or other treatment for a more serious illness, you should inform him that you are taking CBD, or consult with him about suitability, possible drug interactions and dosage. You can read more about the working principles of cannabidiol, as well as its correct use, on our blog .

Quality in the first place

If you really want to get the most out of a CBD product for your health, always carefully check what you are buying. In our e-shop, you can be sure that CBD oils are 100% natural and organic, from hemp exclusively coming from EU countries. Remedika CBD oils do not contain any pesticides, heavy metals or other harmful substances. Production is subject to strict standards, we extract CBD from the plant using the most modern and safest CO2 method.

Our oils contain a broad spectrum of extracted cannabinoids and, conversely, do not contain even a trace amount of THC. You can find the entire documentation in the Quality control section.

*The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. None of the given information is intended as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and such information cannot be considered as medical advice or recommended treatment. This website does not support, endorse or advocate the use of narcotic or psychotropic substances or the commission of any other illegal activity.

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