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CBD drops: Broad spectrum vs. Full spectrum vs. Isolate - What is their difference?

04 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Which CBD oil to choose: full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate?

Even though we generally promise several health benefits from CBD oils, there is no oil like oil . In addition to the most important parameter – the quality of the entire production – or the concentration of CBD, they also differ in their composition. Modern methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant make it possible to produce three types of CBD oil :

  • Full spectrum (full spectrum) CBD oil
  • Broad spectrum (broad spectrum) CBD oil
  • CBD isolate

What are their important characteristics and basic differences? And how to choose the right type for you?

There are dozens of different cannabinoids

Scientists have already identified more than 110 different cannabinoids in the hemp plant, with the greatest attention being paid to investigating the effects of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While the second of these abbreviations is a well-known component of marijuana and has a psychoactive effect, CBD is considered a safe substance that does not have negative effects on human health. This is also confirmed by the final report of the World Health Organization, which finally assessed CBD in 2018.

Cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp, which contains less than 0.3 percent THC. It is this border that is the border of the legality of hemp cultivation in the European Union.

Although CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, and therefore does not induce states of intoxication and intoxication, it can be of great help in various health complications, such as chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, but also migraine or acne. You can read more about the positive effects of CBD in the article on our blog.

Full-spectrum CBD oil - full spectrum

During the full spectrum extraction of substances from the hemp plant , other natural components remain in the extract , which mutually strengthen their individual effect. In addition to CBD, full-spectrum CBD oil also contains THC (maximum 0.3% by volume in the EU) and other hemp terpenes and flavonoids , while all these components work in common synergy. This synergy is professionally called the entourage effect .

According to a study from 2011, people who suffer from pain, but also inflammation, fungal infection, convulsions or cancer will benefit from the accompanying effect of CBD and THC in full-spectrum oils. On the other hand, however, you run the risk - especially when using higher doses of CBD oil - of a positive drug test result, which can have a very negative impact on your further career and social life.

Since this method of production preserves most of the original substances from the plant in the extract, full spectrum CBD oil has a darker color and an earthy, bitter (unpleasant for some) taste. Last but not least, such CBD oils are also the most expensive.

CBD Broad spectrum

Remedika CBD oils are extracted as broad spectrum . They contain a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant (CBC, CBG, CBDV or BCP-ß). On the contrary, you will not find THC in them, so you do not risk that blood tests will show the presence of narcotic substances , as is the case with products with a declared THC content of <0.3%.
Broad spectrum hemp extract contains, in addition to CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes. Compared to full spectrum oils, they are broad-spectrum lighter and although they taste similar, the typical taste of the plant is less pronounced . Broad-spectrum CBD oil is also slightly cheaper than full-spectrum oil.

CBD isolate

As the name suggests, it is the purest form in which only CBD is extracted from the plant, while other components and cannabinoids are removed. CBD isolate therefore does not contain THC or flavonoids and terpenes, which are preserved in full- and broad-spectrum oils. From this point of view, CBD isolate is especially suitable for those who want to be sure that there is not even a trace amount of THC in the oil and need to take high doses of CBD.

On the other hand, when using the isolate, the mentioned accompanying effect of CBD and other components from hemp disappears . Therefore, they have a lower health benefit than broad-spectrum or full-spectrum oils.

Due to the fact that the isolate is free of other substances, it has a neutral taste and smell. CBD isolates are usually cheaper than full-spectrum products.

Which type of CBD oil to choose?

According to the method of extraction of active substances from hemp, you can find three types of CBD oils on the market. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The richest effect is promised by full-spectrum oils, which, in addition to CBD, also contain flavonoids, terpenes and THC. Preservation of this natural interplay brings a so-called accompanying effect, when the effects of individual substances reinforce each other .

At the other pole are CBD isolates , which contain only pure CBD. Especially with high daily doses, you do not have to worry about the effect of THC on your body, unlike full spectrum oils. Since the isolates are free of other original substances from hemp, they do not have a typical taste and smell, and their use can be more pleasant.

Broad spectrum oils represent a balanced golden mean between full-spectrum oils and CBD isolates. During the extraction of CBD , only THC is removed , while the other components of hemp are preserved, which aims to achieve the so-called accompanying effect. The taste of this type of oil is less pronounced and, for many users, more pleasant than full-spectrum. The absence of THC also eliminates the risk of problems in the case of a blood drug test. Also for these properties, broad spectrum CBD oil is the most popular among users .

*The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. None of the given information is intended as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and such information cannot be considered as medical advice or recommended treatment. This website does not support, endorse or advocate the use of narcotic or psychotropic substances or the commission of any other illegal activity.

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