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CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

24 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Does your dog have arthritis? CBD can help him a lot

Dog owners often experience the health problems of their four-legged pets more intensely than their own. It's natural - she doesn't have a face to tell us what and how much is bothering her, so we try to help her blindly, so to speak. It can be even more depressing for us if the dog suffers from an incurable disease. In that case, we try to look for all available options to soften his suffering, relieve his pain, or improve his prospects. One such condition is arthritis , which is a fairly widespread disease, especially in older dogs. So the question of the day is: Can CBD help dogs with arthritis?

Arthritis affects every fifth dog

Arthritis is one of the widespread inflammatory degenerative joint diseases in dogs. As a rule, it develops longer and, in addition to natural predispositions, its possible occurrence is influenced by the composition of nutrition, growth rate, age, obesity, but also the activity of dogs . The joints are in constant operation, so they naturally wear out. Arthritis in animals sometimes develops alongside other diseases, such as osteochondrosis, dysplasia, joint or ligament injuries.

Sick dogs suffer because movement is their most natural activity, but arthritis limits them. They feel pain, which is associated with complications during any movement. As a result, they lose their appetite for the game, but also for the most popular point of the daily program - going for a walk.

The suffering of his four-legged pet can really bother any owner. That's why it's good to know all the ways you can help your pet and relieve pain and suffering. It is CBD oils that are a very effective supplement in the treatment of arthritis.

How does it work?

From the many articles on the internet, you may think that CBD oils can be used for everything. On what principle do they actually work?

The answer is the endocannabinoid system , which works in the human body, but also in other mammals. Scientific knowledge of this system is relatively young, but today we already know that its main task is to regulate processes for which other systems in the organism are primarily responsible. Thus, endogenous cannabinoids contribute to overall homeostasis and support metabolism, digestion, the nervous system or, for example, immunity .

The use of cannabinoids thus stimulates the aforementioned endocannabinoid system, into which CBD substances penetrate through receptors . Based on known knowledge, the use of CBD oils (cannabidiols) plays an important role, for example, in the wound healing process, but it also acts against anxiety and stress, pain , reduces the number of seizures in epileptic patients, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. And arthritis , although we perceive it as a disease of the musculoskeletal system, is an inflammatory disease .

CBD oil for arthritis - does it also work in animals?

Cannabidiols have gained great popularity worldwide thanks to the beneficial effects they bring to their users. They can reduce pain and act against inflammation , which is a big plus in the case of diseases such as arthritis. In the form of CBD products, nature offers us great help even for our four-legged pets.

CBD oils are absolutely legal in our country and although they are extracted from hemp, their use does not cause addiction, they are not psychoactive and generally do not pose a threat to health. This is stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) itself.

Arthritis affects about every fifth dog . Since the manifestations of this disease in dogs are very similar to human arthritis, scientists decided to investigate more closely the effect of using CBD oils on canine arthritis. In 2020, they conducted a study in Houston, USA, among 20 dog owners , who were randomly selected to receive CBD or a placebo. Neither the owners nor the vets, of course, knew what each dog got.

After four weeks of such therapy on a daily basis, the dog owners and their veterinarians were to evaluate the condition and possible changes related to pain, walking and running. The animals' blood markers associated with the activity of the liver and kidneys before and after the use of CBD were also analyzed. Based on reports from dog owners and veterinarians, the researchers found very encouraging results. According to them, up to 9 out of 10 dogs showed positive effects of CBD , which persisted for two weeks after the end of the treatment. In addition, blood tests showed no abnormalities, which means that arthritis therapy through CBD was safe for the health of dogs .

Another study from the USA comes from 2018 and also produced promising results . According to the researchers' conclusions, there was a significant improvement in the dogs that used the CBD preparation compared to the dogs that were given a placebo. They noted an improvement in the condition of 80 percent of dogs given CBD. The authors of the study agreed that CBD oil works on pain in osteoarthritis, but also in chronic joint pain or chronic geriatric pain.

Taking into account that arthritis is one of the diseases that cannot be cured, the aforementioned scientific findings give hope for a significant improvement in the quality of life of four-legged patients.

CBD oil will also help dogs with other difficulties

They published a large study only recently in the United States of America. The researchers anonymously involved more than two thousand veterinarians from the USA in order to summarize their knowledge and experience with the application of CBD and the subsequent effects in dogs. The study showed that American veterinarians consider CBD to be effective against acute and chronic pain, anxiety, motion sickness, fear of noise, but also to reduce the frequency or severity of seizures and convulsions.

How to give CBD to a dog and how to determine the right dose?

From the point of view of absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream , the most suitable form is CBD oil . In this case, you will definitely appreciate the possibility of continuous adjustment of the dose. If possible, administer cannabidiol to the dog under the tongue. However, if your pet does not like the taste, mix CBD oil into his food.

CBD dosage for dogs depends on their body weight. In general, the rule is 1 milligram per approx. 4 kilograms of weight, while the initial dose of CBD for the smallest breeds is 0.5 mg of CBD.

We recommend that you consult your veterinarian about the administration of CBD oil to dogs and the dosage.

Are there risks associated with giving CBD to dogs?

As we have already stated, cannabinoids do not pose a health risk to humans or dogs . Nevertheless, undesirable effects such as malaise, dry mouth, diarrhea or low blood pressure may occur, especially when taking a high dose. This is also why you should dose your pet with CBD gradually and really start with small amounts.

Choosing a quality product is no less important. Remedika CBD oils are 100% natural, laboratory tested and have GMP certification . We use the most modern, most efficient and safest CO2 extraction to obtain CBD from hemp. Our CBD oils do not contain even a trace amount of THC, so they are absolutely safe for dogs .

Our 500mg oil is intended for smaller animals, which you can buy here .

*The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. None of the information provided is intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis and such information cannot be considered as medical advice or recommended treatment. This website does not support, endorse or advocate the use of narcotic or psychotropic substances or the commission of any other illegal activity.

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